Adobe Creative Cloud passes 1 million subscribers, almost one-third of which are paid

Adobe Creative Cloud passes 1 million subscribers, almost one-third of which are paid

On the heels of its Create NOW event, Adobe has revealed a number of key stats in regards to its subscription service: Creative Cloud now has more than 1 million free and paid members, approximately 326,000 of which are paid individual members that signed up through November.

These numbers shed quite a bit of light on the progress Adobe has made with Creative Cloud, as it has kept quiet since launch, only announcing its 200,000 paid members milestone, which was reached in four months. Surprisingly, Adobe claims 80% of those paid members chose an annual subscription plan. Currently, Adobe has not revealed an update to its number of annual subscribers.

David Wadhwani, Adobe’s senior vice president of Digital Media, spoke of the new milestone:

It’s been remarkable to see over 1 million users join Creative Cloud in just seven months. Our goal is to make Creative Cloud the ultimate hub for creatives, where they can access the world’s best creative tools, store and collaborate around their work and ultimately showcase their creations. Now with the availability of the new Creative Cloud offering for teams, we’re making it easier for workgroups to create and collaborate.

Wadhwani’s emphasis on teams is particularly interesting, as it shows how strongly Adobe believes its newly released Creative Cloud for Teams service will lead to greater growth over time. As a refresher, Creative Cloud for Teams starts at $69.99/month per seat and operates similarly to a personal subscription, with the addition of 100GB of storage, along with specialized support and a central admin panel for billing, adding new users and managing licenses.

To learn more about Adobe’s Create NOW event, head here.

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