Nuji launches self-service platform for retailers to manage their store pages

Nuji launches self-service platform for retailers to manage their store pages

Nuji, the firm that aims to make shopping more social, has launched a self-service platform for retailers so that they can control and manage their stores on the site more easily.

The firm now has more than 30,000 retailers and 500,000 curated products on offer. Customers can browse the range and discover products that are tailored to their tastes and social interaction can reap rewards with discounts on offer to those who share.

The self-service platform offers retailers ways to customise their pages for better engagement and ease of use. Sellers can also access data about their followers to spot trends and influencers that may be beneficial to future plans.

There is also a rewards program, launched earlier this year, which encourages customers to come back and make purchases more often. The program has more than 70 partners on board from brands including Adidas, Red Wing shoes, Très Bien Shop and Anthem.

Nuji has been working hard to change the way people shop though social and gamification methods. As a result, it has grown by 600% in the last 6 months with products being viewed more than 60,000,000 times.

According to the firm, clicks and sales are growing by 30% month on month and stores on the site are seeing a follower increase of around 70% month on month.

Nuji says that every click generates an average of £1.32 ($2.12) of revenue for retailers and that a store follower can generate on average around £14 ($22.5) for sellers.

TNW chatted with Nuji co-founder Dean Fankhauser back in May when things were starting to warm up for the company. Back then he described how he hopes the firm will essentially create a new form of department store. Bringing new tools to retailers in a single space might change habits for shoppers if they know they can find a range of brands in one place and work together to claim a few discounts along the way.

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