Microsoft launches Bing Elections to curate news, results, and social media insights

Microsoft launches Bing Elections to curate news, results, and social media insights

There are numerous places on the web where you can find election results, but there’s not just one place to get the complete and balanced picture. Today, Microsoft is announcing it has put together a solution to help get rid of the noise on the Internet while also giving you a place to get a “holistic and balanced view” of what’s happening in the world of politics: Bing Elections.

This new site is powered by Bing search technology (naturally) and pulls content, data, and images from several political sources, including MSN, Politico, Real Clear Politics, The Cook Political Report, the Huffington Post, and the Associated Press. The goal is to give users a one-stop shop for all their political news and see what’s happening as we approach Election Day 2012.

Bing Elections screenshot

Besides political news, Bing Elections will share with users polls and predictions of every race and candidate in both state and congressional races. This will all be managed through Politico and its candidate tracker — each race will be constantly monitored and updated.

Some other features that the site will have include what Microsoft calls “real-time algorithmic news results” from key national, local, partisan, and non-partisan sources, such as the ones named earlier. An interactive map will be featured so that you can find out the results from all races in every state. Lastly, there’s a news selector to allow you to filter the news the way you want it to — all you need to do is click on an item to view the whole story.

But all news isn’t restricted to traditional media. What about social media commentary? Bing Elections has that taken care of. Since it has a strategic relationship with two of the major social networks: Twitter and Facebook, it can pull in content easily and deliver social sentiment to help you understand election issues. The site will allow you to find and participate in any of the trending conversations.

Bing Elections

While it’s great that you get to consume all the knowledge about the election, the most important thing to know is that you should vote — and Bing Elections aims to make sure you do just that. It contains information on how to find your nearest polling place while also sharing stories from notable individuals like Chelsea Clinton and Mary Ann Huntsman.

You can check out all the political news right now by going to Bing Elections.

Image credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

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