Download TNW Magazine issue v0.10: ‘MONETIZE’

Download TNW Magazine issue v0.10: ‘MONETIZE’

Despite a Dropbox outage (where our magazine source files are hosted) we have been able to publish the latest issue of TNW Magazine. Numbered ‘issue v0.10’, this issue focuses on business-models, investments and other subjects revolving around monetization.

We have a brand new design, even more platforms (now available for regular iPad, Retina iPad, Android and iPhone) and we hope you like the unique new stories we produced just for the magazine.

Just to make sure this clear: the magazine has 100% unique content so no old stories republished from the blog.

This issue’s articles include:

  • Business models aren’t changing, but the way we use them is by Brad McCarty
  • Valley vS. The Rest: The State of the Venture Capital Industry by Alex Wilhelm
  • The future of money by Joel Falconer
  • 4 Things to Know About Crowdfunding vs Raising Capital by Eric Corl

The magazine looks as cool as ever with artwork by  Jack Hughes which was supplied to us by our ‘artwork partner’ Kuvva. We also have music (embedded!) provided to us by 22tracks, book reviews, a few entrepreneurs answer the question ‘does money make the world go ’round’ in our ‘Lets ask the experts’ section, movie trailers, a few hilarious and/or inspiring web videos selected by and amazing gadgets you will want to own, in a section titled #WANT.

Check out our awesome cover:

The magazine is available for the iPad, iPad Retina, Android and iPhone.

➤ Download it now, for free, as always.

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