Keep track of the best clips of the presidential debates thanks to Tumblr’s live-giffing

Barack Obama debates John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Debate

This week marks the start of of the end of the presidential election season here in the United States. Starting this Wednesday, both the Democratic and Republican nominees will take the stage to face off in the first of three presidential debates.

The goal? To persuade Americans to vote for them on election day. But whether you’re supporting the incumbent, President Barack Obama, or the challenger, Governor Mitt Romney, there’s one thing that’s for sure, there are going to be some great moments that will forever be remembered.

Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Tumblr animated GIF

To help share the greatest moments from the presidential debates, Tumblr will have its team on stand-by to generate one of the best forms of sharing out there: animated GIFs. That’s right, starting Wednesday, Tumblr’s “crack team of GIF artists” will be watching both sides argue it out while also producing instant animations from the debate, whether it be zingers, gaffes, silence, or raucous applause. Their election team will be rounded out with the addition of guest editor, Adam Gabbatt, who will be liveblogging the debate for the Guardian and will provide the necessary context behind each animated GIF.

Surely by the end of the evening, you can expect to see these animated GIFs shared exponentially on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other social networks. But if you missed a GIF you wanted to see, don’t worry as Tumblr has set up the Gifwich blog that will curate them all. Be warned, you might be overwhelmed by the shear number of animations being shared on the blog!

Photo Credit: CNN

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