The Bold Academy launches applications for a 10-day life accelerator in San Francisco

The Bold Academy launches applications for a 10-day life accelerator in San Francisco

The time has come. Bold Academy San Francisco has opened its application process today, gathering 24 people who are looking to accelerate the superhero inside them.

We wrote about The Bold Academy, and its founder Amber Rae, a few weeks ago. At the time Rae was in the final stages of opening the San Francisco location of the project, aiming to take the success that it found in the initial Boulder class and expand its reach to tech’s biggest hotbed.

So who should apply? Rae tells me that Bold is specifically looking for people who fit the culture and values that the academy upholds:

  • Lean Into Fear — fear is an indicator that you’re on the right path
  • Talk Less, Do More — you are what you consistently do
  • Boldly Experiment — embrace uncertainty and realize what’s possible
  • F*ck Mediocrity — we don’t have to do things the way we’ve been told
  • Vulnerability is Power — have the courage to be authentic
  • Better self = Better world — to change the world, start with you

Those who are interested, who feel like they want to kickstart their life, should fill out an application. There are 24 spots available for the San Francisco class, and time is limited, so you’re encouraged to apply quickly.

Applicants will be selected via a three-part process. The application itself, referred to as “The Talk”, is paramount in reaching step two – “The Walk”. The Walk is a challenge, presented by The Bold Academy, that will be given to promising applicants. They’ll then have seven days to complete the challenge and move to step three – “The Meet”. The Meet is a video interview with The Bold Academy team, so that both sides can get a better feel for what they’re about to enter.

Bold Academy SF is a shorter program than its Boulder counterpart, clocking in at only ten days. But Rae tells me that it’s every bit as much of a challenge as the longer version. Tuition is also lower, at $6,500, but that’s obviously not cheap. Though it’s important to bear in mind that the tuition covers your housing, all food and of course the content within the academy.

Ready for the next step? Then apply. But only if you’re ready to be more and do more with your life.

The Bold Academy – Apply

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