Multimedia presentation tool launches Team service for working groups

Multimedia presentation tool launches Team service for working groups, the online tool for combining slide content and text alongside video on demand, has launched its multi-user version designed specifically for businesses. Team was created to help companies collaborate virtually and in a similar way to the original product, it feels like YouTube crossed with Slide Share so that users can present their information in a more human way.

Users can upload documents, record an explanation via their webcam and share the whole bundle with their colleagues. It can be shared privately with individuals, shared with the whole company or of course posted for a public audience. Team was created to try and solve the problem of video conferencing, something that can be tricky to coordinate and means scheduling across a company to ensure that all participants can be present. Recording and uploading a presentation means that it can be viewed on demand when any member of a team has the time to watch.

Presentations on the platform can be accessed via the web or Android applications with an iOS app on the way. Each employee has a profile, and businesses can share a secure central knowledge base where past files are archived and can be searched.

Viewing is free and there is a fee to create content. Team costs $49 per month for 5 registered licences to create content. Additional users are charged on a sliding scale.

More pleasing for IT departments is the fact that the service does not need to be installed on computers and so it can also scale more easily as anyone in a business can start a network and invite colleagues. was launched in beta last year. Since then 14,000 users have registered and 25,000 presentations have been uploaded. The company is currently piloting with two large UK corporates (undisclosed) and trialing a service with a number of schools and universities in the United States.

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