ShareDesk launches its marketplace for spare desks and office spaces

ShareDesk launches its marketplace for spare desks and office spaces

If you’re a company that has a few extra desks available, you know that it’s not a simple proposition to “rent” them out. You have to place an ad, figure out what to charge, and then of course collect the fees.

A service called ShareDesk is taking care of all of that for you, letting you enter your office space into a marketplace that people can sort through by location and amenities. It really is that simple.

Kia Rahmani, ShareDesk’s co-founder and CEO told me that the number one goal was creating a service that was both accessible and professional at the same time.

The company takes a 15% cut of the booking for its duration, but not for the lifetime of the relationship with your renter.

ShareDesk currently has six full-time team members and is hiring more to bring the best practices of coworking to the masses. I imagine that this type of service could eventually be bundled when I book flights, because it’s extremely important for me to have a place to work wherever I’m going.

Right now you can choose from over 600 properties in locations all over the world. Whether you need a quiet room to make calls or prefer to sit in a wide open space to interact with other people, ShareDesk has a location to suit you. There really isn’t a marketplace out there right now, and Rahmani draws comparisons to Airbnb, which makes complete sense.


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