Russian platform SeoPult raises $10 million to expand into Asian and European markets

Russian platform SeoPult raises $10 million to expand into Asian and European markets

Russian SEO and internet advertising automation platform SeoPult has raised $10 million from private equity and VC fund iTech Capital for a minority equity stake.

Seopult is one of the largest automated SEO and e-advertising platforms on the Russian Internet. With this latest round, the company is planning to expand its services to Asian and European markets. This is the first investment round since the company was founded in 2008.

The service enables business users to build e-marketing channels and attract consumers to their websites via SEO, paid search and context advertising campaigns automated management.

More than 200,000 small and medium-sized business’ websites are using the service in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Poland.

“The amount of Internet marketing tools is growing rapidly, therefore it’s getting harder for businesses to manage their campaigns and balance their budgets effectively,” SeoPult co-founder Igor Artemenko says. “Our strategy is in offering the market a platform which is able to manage various search engine marketing and social network marketing tools in one interface and provides reliable analytics to drive cost efficiency. We consider the current investment round is a great opportunity to support the company’s rapid growth globally”.

In a statement on iTech Capital’s site, SEO and paid search advertising markets in Russia are steadily growing by 20-30 percent annually, and are expected to reach US$1.5 billion size in 2012, according to J.P. Morgan and market experts’ studies.

With the businesses on Russian Internet growing and a healthy startup ecosystem, it makes sense that established companies like SeoPult are looking to expand their business outside of Russian-language borders.

SeoPult Group includes (paid search advertising service), (online TV) and (offline center for e-marketing education).

iTech Capital is a Private Equity and Venture Capital fund focused on investments in digital economy businesses such as IT, Processing, New Media etc. The fund was established in 2011, with a target size of US$120 million. Average deal size is up to US$10 million.

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