LivingSocial launches first foray into physical products, an online shop selling curated collections

LivingSocial launches first foray into physical products, an online shop selling curated collections

LivingSocial, the daily deals site that we’ve covered on a number of occasions previously, has announced its first foray into physical products with the launch of an e-commerce LivingSocial Shop.

Based in Washington, DC, LivingSocial is perhaps Groupon’s most well-known rival, letting users discover local experiences at knock-down prices. It claims more than 60 million members in 22 countries, and last week we reported that it was launching Live Events offers in New York.

Now, with LivingSocial Shop, the company is offering a virtual destination for its users to explore relevant items from brands. It says it will feature a broad (but curated) merchandise mix, and will deliver items direct to members’ front door.

“LivingSocial inspires our members to get out, discover new things, and truly experience life,” says Emily King, Director of LivingSocial Shop. “LivingSocial Shop is an extension of that idea: We’ll offer curated merchandise, all tied together by a theme. Our collections are organized so that members can buy one item, two items, or opt in for the entire experience.”

LivingSocial Shop’s first US collection, Beach Bound, features items themed around a trip to the shore. It includes:

  • First-Up Canopy Tent Gazebos
  • Nine Space Ayrika Classic Fouta Towels
  • Melissa & Doug Beach Toys
  • Tuffo Water-Resistant Blankets and Totes
  • Clear2Go Applica Sport Water Bottle with Filter
  • Jeep Car Seat Starter Kit

The Beach Bound merchandise will be made available to buy from today and will run for seven days. Future collections will include Lawn & Leisure (ways to have a backyard blast), Midsummer Night (must-haves for an outdoor fete), and Back-to-School 101 (A+ finds for all ages) to name a few.

That said, it seems the collections will be localized around the world – in the LivinSocial UK shop, there appears to be fragrance collections and iOS accessories available, and the Australia Shop is different too.

If you’re new to LivingSocial, offers are dispatched via the LivingSocial website, signed-up members can receive a daily email blast, or you can access it through the iOS and Android apps.

LivingSocial members will be introduced to LivingSocial Shop via email from today. In addition, anyone can receive regular LivingSocial Shop emails by visiting and managing their subscriptions from there.

The fact that LivingSocial is now branching out into a fully-fledged e-commerce platform is an interesting one, and is indicative of its need to grow revenues from different sources. Though I can’t help but feel it’s just a little bit removed from its original remit of bringing local experiences at a discount.

Launched in 2007, LivingSocial actually predates its more well-known competitor Groupon. Recently, it acquired online ordering software firm ONOSYS for ‘at least $6.5m’, before going on to launch its own branded Visa Card in cahoots with Chase in May.

Feature Image Credit: Polycart | Flickr

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