Mopapp unveils new features, making app performance tracking easier for developers

Mopapp unveils new features, making app performance tracking easier for developers

You’ve made a spectacular app, you hope it will be in everyone’s pocket by the end of the year, but it’s not quite performing in the way you expected. Probably some data about what’s going on can help there.

Bringing an app to market is one thing, making sure it does well is another and tweaking an original proposition is not a bad idea if you can get user feedback that is helpful. Another way to look at things is through some data analytics which should also point to possible areas that need work.

Mopapp is a provider of value analytics for the mobile market. Earlier this year the company raised €1.5 million in funding. It already has ways to find out how your app is doing and today has unveiled some new tools for closer inspection of performance.

The service is similar to Distimo which also provides analytics across platforms for developers.

New features include App Store ranking comparison charts and sentiment analysis, or ‘SentiMapp score’. Both work with the existing Mopapp dashboard.

Benchmarking and ranking is becoming an increasingly useful performance tool. Putting your app in comparison with the competition means you can spot the things they might be doing better or indeed glory in the difference if you trouncing them for downloads and active use.

The App Store ranking is automated and provides side-by-side rankings across multiple product categories. Taking a look at your performance in your native area is one thing, but comparison across markets might mean picking up an insight that would not normally come to mind as an improvement.

Publishers can also compare rankings for iOS with Android and customise views to suit specific areas of analysis.

Sentiment analysis looks at the behaviour of mobile app users, which means spotting the best areas to tweak or improve can be easier and in turn could mean a better product that sees more growth.

The SentiMapp score indicates whether ratings and reviews are having a positive or negative impact on sales. It’s a real-time index and takes data across geographical locations.

So, once you have created your mobile app of distinction, try watching your stats and keeping an eye on how little improvements can make a big difference.


Image Credit: Kartik Malik

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