Groupon acquires Breadcrumb in an effort to better connect with local restaurants

Groupon acquires Breadcrumb in an effort to better connect with local restaurants

Groupon has just announced on its company blog that it has acquired Breadcrumb, a fully featured “hospitality point of sale for restaurants.” The company has only recently found itself on a hot streak again, and so this acquisition is likely for one specific purpose: to connect the company deeply with local restaurants already using Breadcrumb’s services.

Groupon needs to bolster its relationships with businesses, and thus earn their continued custom, or it could find itself back in a difficult earnings and revenue position. In its last quarter, Groupon recorded revenues of $559.3 million.

According to the announcement, Breadcrumb will continue to operate for “new and existing clients,” but Groupon will now be able to get its hands all over Breadcrumbs existing partners. Akin to an ‘AcquiHire,’ this purchase by Groupon could be a ‘AcquiClinentSnag.’

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

From Groupon:

We are excited to announce that Groupon has acquired Breadcrumb! The team behind Breadcrumb shares our passion to build affordable and intuitive products that make it easier for local merchants to manage their business. We’re thrilled to welcome founder Seth Harris and his team to the Groupon family – Seth boasts more than 12 years of hospitality management experience, making him uniquely empathetic to the tight budgets and unique needs of business owners in the food and beverage industry who often struggle to find technology products that will work perfectly for them.

Breadcrumb will continue to serve new and existing clients and we look forward to offering their product to our existing merchant partners. Also, for Groupon merchant partners that use Breadcrumb’s point of sale system, we’ll be able to significantly improve the process of redeeming a Groupon.

If you’re not at all familiar with Breadcrumb already, you likely won’t be able to learn much more at the moment, as the company’s site is down. You can, however, download Breadcrumb’s iOS app, here.

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