According to its App Store reviews (from Yahoo! employees), Axis is a hit

According to its App Store reviews (from Yahoo! employees), Axis is a hit

Yahoo! came at the tech world in a blur this week, launching its new search and browsing tool Axis. Response has been lukewarm, especially since the launch didn’t go completely as planned.

I’ve been playing around with both the desktop and iOS version and I think that Yahoo! might be on to something. I took a dive into Apple’s App Store to see what users think and was surprised to see 891 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. That’s a good sign, right?

As I dug deeper I saw some slightly familiar names sharing their thoughts on Axis. Have a look:

That’s a pretty sweet review…from Yahoo’s Patent Counsel, David Ishimaru.

Here’s another:

Right on, great review…from Yahoo’s Network Operations Center Engineer, Brian Koch.

There are plenty of reviews from regular users though, but before I leave you for the day, check this one out:

Someone thinks it’s an awesome browser! Wait, that’s…Yahoo Director, Product Management, Ethan Batraski.

Keep your Kool-aid nice and chilled this Memorial Day weekend, kids!

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