Groupon Now! reaches 1.5 million real-time deals sold in under 12 months

Groupon Now! reaches 1.5 million real-time deals sold in under 12 months

Daily deals pioneer Groupon announced today that its real-time, location-based offers service Groupon Now! has reached 1.5 million deals sold in a year from its launch, achieving the milestone three months quicker than its traditional deals service.

In what will be of little surprise to anyone, Groupon’s 1.5 millionth deal was a beauty treatment — a $30 manicure from a nail bar in Chicago.

Groupon Now! launched in May 2011, delivering a spin on the traditional Groupon model of offering one deal a day in a user’s local area. Instead of just one deal a day, it offers local deals at any moment of the day. If a user is walking down the street and is wondering what kinds of deals are in their general vicinity, Groupon Now! offers any deals that are in that location.

Dan Roarty, VP of Groupon Now! said: “In just one year Groupon Now! has hit a milestone that took the original Groupon deal platform 15 months to accomplish. We continue to attract new merchants looking for an effective way to bring in a steady stream of customers on the days and times they choose and are now live in 31 of 175 North American Groupon markets with more launching soon.”

Groupon Now! is integrated into a business owner’s dashboard with the company, alongside the recently launched Groupon Scheduler and Groupon Rewards.

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