Subscription service startup ‘Swag of the Month’ goes social with free shirts

Subscription service startup ‘Swag of the Month’ goes social with free shirts

With heavy funding, built-in profits and endless variety, subscription service startups are the hot new thing. Subscriptions tend to range from USD $9-25/month and we’re seeing everything from healthy snacks and premium coffee to deluxe makeup samples and even undershirts. It’s an affordable luxury and it’s catching on fast. We’ve written about this sort of startup a lot in the past, and now one of our favorites is experimenting with the social commerce space.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the term social commerce, just know that it utilizes social media to assist in the buying/selling of products and services. Since the process of shopping offline is inherently social, it only makes sense to bring that Online.

The startup going social is Swag of the Month, a solution for guys that want to stay fashionable but hate shopping. For $9/month, they deliver a shirt to your door that matches on your own calculated taste (you’ll be quizzed!).

While the online design could certainly use improvement, these guys definitely know what they’re doing on the style front. You can see a sample of some of the shirts they’ve already shipped here

After growing substantially, the startup has done more than stick a few social media buttons on its site. The team has actually created a landing page for every one of its members.  That way, if/when you share the site and anyone signs up, Swag of the Month automatically gives you a free extra month of membership per person. Simply put, a lot of people are about to get free shirts.

Check out the link below and let us know what you think! What other ways have you seen online retailers go social? Is social commerce the way online shopping is supposed to be, or is it more of a buzzword?

➤  Swag of the Month ($9/month)

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