Aviary launches Version 2 of its editor, with a completely beautiful redesign

Aviary launches Version 2 of its editor, with a completely beautiful redesign

With photo editing at its core, Aviary is a New York City based startup that wants to power every mobile photo application on the planet. It aims to democratize creativity and help other companies keep innovating at what they do best by providing them with the best photo editing and photo effects available – for free.

Only 4 months since the release of its mobile SDK of the Aviary editor, it’s already being used by some of the top apps in the market, and is now editing over 2 million photos per week. Aviary’s photo editing APIs for web and mobile developers have caught on, and now the team is announcing a complete redesign.

Version 2 of the Aviary editor, released today, is simply a massive upgrade. The UI has been cleaned up and refined, the effects have been fine-tuned, and the backend has been enhanced, making every edit instant.

Avi Muchnick, CEO of Aviary tells TNW:

We spent countless hours on getting the editor to look perfect. And then another series of countless hours improving on top of that. We resolved to never stop tweaking. In fact, I sent a note out to my team around Christmas time to inspire them. One of the lines from the note really highlights this philosophy:

“I hope that you are inspired to push yourself to the limit: To never settle for the acceptable; To constantly tweak, improve and innovate on the status quo of perfection.”

…And I ultimately think that shows in our API’s design.

When Aviary made the original editor, it was intended to be as nondescript as possible and deliberately boring, with hopes that it would be customized for every app. Now, developers have spoken, and the team set out to create something as perfect as possible.

The redesign brings parity across web and mobile, all while tailoring specifically to each platform. Branding has also been heavily minimized, making it more appealing for 3rd parties looking to integrate the editor into their apps.

Overall, the results are quite beautiful. You can see for yourself right now, via the links below:

➤ Aviary Editor 2: via Aviary.com ( click try web demo) or mobile app Pic Stitch.

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