Gowalla running six week promotion with Whole Foods, Tazo Tea

Gowalla running six week promotion with Whole Foods, Tazo Tea

This one seemingly slipped under the radar with all of yesterday’s Facebook mobile/location announcements, but starting from yesterday, Gowalla is running a new six week promotion with Whole Foods and Tazo Tea.

The idea of pairing a food product with a supermarket chain for a check-in promotion is a good one. Unlike when you check-in at Starbucks, let’s say, where obviously the venue and the product are owned by the same company, a supermarket contains hundreds or thousands of different brands/foodstuffs.

So, as a check-in service, once you start working with the supermarket chain, then you can figuratively just go down the aisle and pick out brands to work with in conjunction with that store, i.e. what’s to stop Gowalla  from going to another brand – say Puffins cereal (which is made by Barbara’s Bakery – yes we had to look that up), and doing a Whole Foods / Puffins cereal campaign?  Right, not much as long as Whole Foods is on board with it.

As far as the Whole Foods / Tazo Tea campaign is concerned, however, here are the details: check-in at Whole Foods nationwide over the next six weeks (Gowalla has outfitted every Whole Foods within its app with a custom sticker) and you’ll get a chance to either win some tea (as well as the associated stickers of course) and/or a $25 gift certificate to Whole Foods. If you collect all three of the Tazo bottle stickers, you’ll get the Tazo Pin. That’s it, happy tea drinking, you health-minded The Next Web readers you!

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