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Tesla dumped $5B worth of its stock in just 4 days — and traders hate it

Tesla stock is down 30% since its telling the SEC about its market sell-off

A market sell-off triggered by Tesla‘s dumping of $5 billion worth of stock continued on Tuesday, with the electric vehicle share price sinking by more than 15% in the early hours of trade.

Tesla stock opened the day at $356, and soon hit a low of $335.99 — down more than 32% since disclosing its “at-the-market” plan (a fancy term for fire sale) to the SEC on September 1.

At the end of August, Tesla stock had returned 974% in one year, from $46.36 to $498.32.

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Of course, those figures take the company’s recent five-for-one stock split into account, a dog whistle to retail investors concerned with low per-share prices also utilized by Apple in late August.

Tesla finished its $5 billion stock dump on September 4, and while falling 32% in a week reeks of big crypto energy, Tesla stock is still up 22% since its stock split announcement.

S&P steers clear of Tesla in its flagship index… for now

Some analysts connected Tesla‘s September strife to its S&P snub, after Elon Musk’s wunderstock was noticeably left out of the flagship index of 500 top US companies, despite its technical eligibility.

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Speculators could’ve bought Tesla stock hoping it would rise further upon its eventual inclusion. The idea being that Wall Street’s biggest funds would be effectively forced into holding $TSLA, a reality anchored in the appeal of large index funds among institutional investors.

Throw in that supposed “Tesla rival” Nikola just signed a deal worth billions to have old world marquee General Motors build its first car, and Tesla’s volatility appears a little sharper.

In any case, the real question here is how readily Tesla can shake off its market slump, as speculators try to figure out where to flock to next.

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Published September 8, 2020 — 16:06 UTC