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Bounties Network’s Simona Pop is live at TNW2019 – tune in now!

Catch her talk at the eToro Studio livestream


Welcome to the first day of TNW Conference 2019, our flagship technology festival in Amsterdam. We’re about to kick off our livestream at the eToro Studio, where we’ll be chatting about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain with some of the industry’s leading experts.

Joining us first is Simona Pop, co-founder of decentralized freelance collaboration platform Bounties Network.

Tune in to the eToro Studio for our chat with her at 14:00PM (CEST) sharp by following this link:

Up next are:

  • 14:20PM (CEST): Jay Smith – Investor, eToro
  • 14:40PM (CEST): Abdalla Kablan – Entrepreneur and Fintech Expert
  • 15:00PM (CEST): Berit Fuss – Blockchain Consultant, B-chain innovation
  • 16:00PM (CEST): Anton Mozgovy – Founder, Humaniq
  • 16:20PM (CEST): Sergio Pereira – Founder, TechHQ

There’s plenty more where that came from. Check out the official schedule to discover the keynotes you don’t want to miss, and watch them on our livestream page.

Curious to know more about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency? Don’t forget to join us tomorrow at the Hard Fork track (powered by eToro) where we’ll be ruminating over some of the most pressing challenges in decentralized tech – and how we can solve them. Catch you there!

Published May 9, 2019 — 11:50 UTC

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