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Prince Charles on Bitcoin: ‘It’s a very interesting development’

Is this a royal seal of approval?

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A Twitter user posted a video of them asking the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, what he thought of Bitcoin, BTC cryptocurrency, and blockchain yesterday.

The Prince’s response? “Oh yes, it’s a very interesting development.”

The Tweeter caught Prince Charles in Berlin, where he’s currently on a royal visit.

The Prince of Wales can be seen initially dismissing the Tweeter’s questions, but seems to gather himself when the word “blockchain” is mentioned.

If that’s not a royal seal of approval, I don’t know what is. The tweet has already been liked over 1,900 times and retweeted nearly 500 times. If you sell now, you’re a fool.

One other enterprising Twitter user even took it upon themselves to embed the tweet on the blockchain, forever.

The user uploaded the tweet and its URL to Dragonchain, a web app that claims to timestamp tweets to blockchains such as Ethereum. The tweet can be viewed on the blockchain here.

Tweet embedded on the blockchain

Prince Charles and Camilla arrived in Germany this week to commence a four-day visit which The Telegraph reports is an attempt to “extend the hand of friendship over Brexit.”

Indeed, it’s not the first time blockchain and Brexit have been mentioned in the same article.

Blockchain has, on numerous occasions, been touted as a possible fix to the Brexit border woes known as the Irish Backstop. While technology might help, it certainly won’t be the sole remedy for what is a very complex problem.

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Published May 8, 2019 — 13:39 UTC