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We’re hosting a pitch battle at Hard Fork Decentralized

Blockchain startups battle it out


We’re inviting blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, projects, and organizations to battle it out. Our blockchain and cryptocurrency event, Hard Fork Decentralized, is taking place in London on December 12-14.

Together with our lineup of speakers (including Thomas Power, Kavita Gupta, and Mustafa Al-Bassam) we’ll be answering the unanswered questions about the industry – from scalability to diversity, and everything in between.

The concept is simple: leading industry companies will host their own ‘decentralized’ events, all across the city. One of the them is TNW’s very own Hard Fork Pitch Battle, taking place on December 12 at 4:30pm. Applications are now open!

At our decentralized event, we’re selecting ten blockchain startups, projects, and organizations to pitch in front of an audience full of journalists, investors, and traders. The event is powered by Cointelligence, who have an impartial and accurate ICO rating system, and the Financial Times.

The winner will not only receive new opportunities to further their business but will also win two startup tickets and an exhibition booth at TNW’s flagship conference in May!

The Pitch Battle will be split into two competitions:

Best pre-sale project


  • Raising, or planning to raise funding via private pre-sale

Best post-funding (pre-sale/ICO/STO) project


  • Raised funding via pre-sale, ICO, STO
  • Round closed October 2017 or later

Each company will have three minutes (max. five presentation slides) to convince the jury that their project is the most innovative.

Our judges are:

  • Stefan Heilmann (CEO at Investment Banking Group)
  • Tomer Federman (CEO at Federman Capital)
  • Jonathan Galea (Founder of Blockchain Advisory)
  • Kavita Gupta (Founding Managing Partner at Consensys)
  • On Yavin (CEO at Cointelligence)

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply now – applications close on December 5!

See you in London.

Published November 23, 2018 — 15:57 UTC