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Moonday Morning: Cryptocurrency market is as mature as ‘dollar and oil’

It's Mooooooooooooonday!

moonday morning

Welcome to another Monday and with that, another Moonday Morning – where we take a look at the weekend’s top cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

Here’s Hard Fork’s selection of last weekend’s top stories:

1. According to Polish academics the cryptocurrency market has reached a point of maturity akin to that of the dollar and oil. Maybe cryptocurrency isn’t dying, it’s just getting old.

2. India looks set to get its first cryptocurrency ATM, courtesy of blockchain asset company Unocoin. Perhaps this is all in preparation for the Indian government launching its own cryptocurrency?

3. An internet service provider in Germany has been caught distributing un-patched MikroTik routers to customers, putting them at risk of crypto-mining malware.

4. North Dakota’s securities commission has issued cease and desists for three ICOs operating out of the American state.  The regulator claims the ICOs are unregistered and potentially fraudulent.

5. Insider sources claim the American stock exchange Nasdaq is considering launching its own platform for trading cryptocurrency based security tokens.

6. President Maduro’s plans to use his Venezuelan cryptocurrency the Petro to curtail inflation are floundering. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that inflation could hit 1.3 million percent in Venezuela before the end of the year.

Well there you have it. Another weekend in the cryptocurrency world: International regulations are still at the forefront of conversations, Wall Street is still trying to muscle its way in to cryptocurrency market, and Bitcoin is getting old.

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Published October 15, 2018 — 08:20 UTC