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Moonday Morning: Brazil hate-launches a cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency and blockchain stories from the weekend

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It’s Moonday Morning which can mean only one thing. That we have to hook ourselves up to an IV drip of coffee, and hard-line that weekend cryptocurrency and blockchain news straight into your thought box.

1. Despite hating the idea, Brazil’s largest independent brokerage will be launching a cryptocurrency exchange.

2. US congressman, Tom Emmer, has drafted three bills in support of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Emmer wants America to lead blockchain innovation – good luck buddy!

3. Keen to put its entire government on blockchain, Dubai – or rather, “Smart Dubai” – announced the launch of a blockchain-powered ‘Payment Reconciliation and Settlement’ system. Sounds like a fancy way of saying bank if you ask me.

4. According to the Cyber Threat Alliance, who are sort of like the Avengers of the internet, crypto-jacking spiked 400 percent over the last 12 months.

5. South Korea still keen on developing blockchain. The Ministry of Science and Information Communications Technology has pledged more investment to support the development of the industry.

6. No matter how hard Maduro tries, it seems he can’t get his cryptocurrency, the Petro, to become anything more than a fantasy. The Petro appears to be non-transferable and so, falls flat as any form of currency or store of value.

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Published September 24, 2018 — 08:55 UTC