Gmail’s new search filter feature will make it easier to find an email

Gmail’s new search filter feature will make it easier to find an email

Despite Google’s dominance and expertise in search-related algorithms, it’s often hard to find a particular email in Gmail. The company is now trying to solve this problem with a new filter feature called “Search Chips.”

Here’s how it works: After you search for an email with a keyword, you’ll see filter buttons on top of the search result such as “Has attachment,” “Exclude chats,” and a date picker. You can even pick the type of attachments such as text, PDF, or image. These buttons or “Chips” will help you narrow down search results.

New Gmail filter option called Google Chips

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This is much better than an earlier interface for advanced search where you had to manually fill in the information.

Gmail search interface
Gmail search interface

The feature will be initially rolling out to G Suite users, but it’ll eventually be available to general consumers as well. Google hasn’t announced any date for a site-wide, but we’ll keep an eye out for you.

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