Google Earth just released 1,000 beautiful wallpapers you can download for free

Google Earth just released 1,000 beautiful wallpapers you can download for free
Credit: Google Earth View

Google has shared hundreds of beautiful wallpapers through its Earth View collection for years now. These images show off stunning sights from satellites, providing an almost surreal birds-eye view of the planet’s landscapes and oceans.

Today, the company added over 1,000 images to that gallery, bringing the total to over 2,500. The company says the new Earth View images are optimized for today’s screens, “featuring brighter colors, sharper images, and resolutions up to 4K.” You can learn more about how Google captures Earth View images in the video below.

Needless to say,  just about every frame is eye candy. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you might as well just head on over and take a look for yourself.

You can download the images over at the Google Earth View Gallery, or install the Earth View Chrome Extension to view a new image every time you open a new tab. You can even sort the images by color using a new color map, helping you find images that fit your particular aesthetic. Now, excuse me while I go change my wallpaper.

1,000 of the most stunning landscapes in Google Earth on Google

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