Report: Google to launch a cheaper Pixel phone this summer

Report: Google to launch a cheaper Pixel phone this summer

Remember when Google sold Nexus phones? Back then, the stock Android experience also meant an affordable price, something which was has disappeared since Google started directly competing with the iPhone and Galaxy series with its Pixel phones. Now it seems the company could be looking to recapture that budget-friendly market.

According to the Economic Times, Google is planning to release a cheaper Pixel phone aimed at emerging markets like India, where the Nexus line was once popular (since supplanted by OnePlus). In the same vein, Google is planning an aggressive marketing campaign to build brand presence; it’s planning on bringing other devices like the Google Home as well.

The device is expected to launch around July or August, just a few months before the Pixel 3 would theoretically arrive. It’s not clear whether this cheaper Pixel would come to other territories or whether it would be limited to certain territories like some Android One phones. And of course, this is all assuming the rumor pans out, but a man can hope.

Via Android Central

Google plans a big consumer play in India on Economic Times

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