This free Chrome extension lets you watch geo-blocked videos on YouTube

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Every once in a while I would stumble upon an interesting video on YouTube only to discover the uploader hasn’t made the clip available in my country. Switching my VPN to another region usually solves the problem, but thanks to this new Chrome extension, there is now a way to do this entirely VPN-free.

Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, F*ck YouTube (yep, that’s what it’s actually called) is a handy browser extension that tricks Google into playing YouTube clips that have been blocked for viewing in your region.

All you need to do is install the app, open the video on YouTube, and the extension will promptly load a working version of the clip. Here is a little demo of the app in action:


It’s worth mentioning that, while the extension will unblock hidden YouTube videos you have the URL for, region-locked clips will remain invisible when browsing clips in channels. Here is an example from UFC ON FOX’s channel.

The former image is with a Dutch VPN and the latter with an American one:

As you can see, loading the page from an American IP address breeds a few more results.

You can download the extension from here. Meanwhile, those interested in the code that powers the app can have a look at this Github repository.

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