FCC filings confirm LG is making the Google Pixel 2 XL

FCC filings confirm LG is making the Google Pixel 2 XL

It’s not long until Google unleashes a whole new barrage of Pixel phones at the world. Whilst details surrounding the HTC-made Pixel 2 have slowly dripped out, not much is known about its larger sibling, the Pixel 2 XL.

But thanks to documents published by the FCC, and some stellar detective work from Droid Life’s Kellen Barranger, we now know that the Pixel 2 XL will be made by South Korean phone giant, LG.

The documents didn’t reveal much about the upcoming device. They only confirmed the Pixel 2 XL will support T-Mobile’s new LTE frequency band, Band 71 which, as I understand it, offers better access in rural areas and in buildings.

Droid Life determined the FCC documents referred to the Pixel 2 XL by looking at the model number listed, which is G011C. The Pixel 2 is G011A.

So, what about G011B? Droid Life reckons this could be the now-dead, HTC-made Pixel 2 XL, codenamed Muskie, that was canceled in June earlier this year.

It’s a damn shame there isn’t much more to go by. My favorite part of any phone launch is the slow trickle of rumors and leaks that emerge immediately beforehand.

I guess we’ll all have to wait for when Google announces the new Pixel 2 XL, which is expected to be on October 4.

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