Italians are so bad at passwords that Google is hosting workshops for them

google, italy

Google is teaming up with Italian authorities to teach the country’s increasingly digitized population how to stay safe when browsing the web.

The Mountain View giant will collaborate with the Italian Data Protection Authority and the Communications Regulatory Authority to launch Digitali e Responsabili (trans: digital and responsible) – a portal dedicated to illuminating users of the importance of civic education in the digital age.

Local Postal Police and the Italian consumer association Altroconsumo will also take part in the initiative.

Interestingly, Google says that one of the reasons to kick off this initiative is the poor password management many Italian netizens seem to practice – like using the same password for all your accounts or thinking that “password” is a safe password.

So far the Big G has announced it will host workshops in five different universities across the country to facilitate an informed debate on the responsible use of the internet – which apparently means teaching them how to use My Account and Content ID.

The campaign builds on previous web safety initiatives Google held in Italy. Last year, the search engine heavyweight brought its security experts on a tour around the country in order to give users some tips on how to responsibly manage their online presence.

The upcoming workshops will be hosted in Rome, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Florence. The exact dates are yet to be set in stone.

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