New ‘responsive’ Google Font can shapeshift to match any design

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Google Fonts is getting more customizable and interactive. The company has updated its collection with its very first ‘parametric’ font – a new typographic technology that makes it easy for designers to tweak and modify the format of virtually any typeface.

Developed in collaboration between Prototypo and Production Type, Spectral follows the principles of responsive design, which means the font retains the capacity to alter its form in order to seamlessly fit in with the overall layout of your page.

“Opening up to a new era of type design, [our] parametric font technology allows to work with responsive characters improving creativity and exploring new shapes,” Prototypo said in a press release. “Creating intelligent fonts capable of fitting all types of uses and media is now a reality.”

Among other things, Spectral gives designers the option to adjust various font aspects like width, thickness and curviness. The typeface will be available in various Google services including Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Here is how this looks in action:

Spectral, the first parametric Google font by Prototypo

🎉Introducing Spectral, the first parametric Google font. Exclusively available in Prototypo!Visit the interactive specimen: it now in Prototypo:

Posted by Prototypo on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Spectral is currently available for free on Google Fonts. Prototypo has also developed a dedicated website specifically for users that want to try out the ‘parametric’ feature of the font. Head to this page to toy around with the demo.

Spectral Font

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