Google is now selling its 4K digital whiteboard for $5000

Google is now selling its 4K digital whiteboard for $5000

Jamboard, Google’s 4K whiteboard-like touchscreen, is now available for sale — for an appropriately large sum.

As my colleague Napier noted when the Jamboard was announced, it looks like a whiteboard, acts like a tablet, and comes with a few other collaboration tools. It lets multiple people work together in G Suite with a central location, even remote employees.

The big touchscreen is obviously designed with a business team in mind. It has its own movable stand (sold separately, natch), complete with single cable to control the whole thing.

Still, as interesting as that sounds, this device isn’t going to come cheap. The Jamboard is now available in the US in three colors. It comes with two styli and an eraser. A Jamboard and a rolling stand together cost $6198, quite a pretty penny. And a G Suite account costs extra.

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