Google Home rolls out multiple-user support

Google Home rolls out multiple-user support
Credit: Google

Google Home can now recognize multiple users in a household. Starting today, U.S. users can train their Home hubs to recognize up to six different voices and keep profiles on each individual. According to Google’s Yury Pinsky:

We’re adding the ability for up to six people to connect their account to one Google Home. So now when I ask my Google Assistant for help, it can distinguish my voice from my wife’s and I can hear my own personal playlists, my own commute time, my own schedule and more.

You can use the Google Home app to train your assistant to recognize each of the different voices. After you do, Home will address each person in its records by name and give them customized responses.

Hopefully this sophisticated voice recognition system will make hijack-by-advertising less likely. It also gives Home an advantage over Alexa: the latter supports multiple user profiles, but so far it cannot tie a profile to a particular voice.

Multiple-user support rolls out to U.S. users today and to U.K. users “in the coming months.”

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Tomato, tomahto. Google Home now supports multiple users on Google

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