Google Maps lets people review continents, guess what happened

Google Maps lets people review continents, guess what happened

Ever wanted to know what people think of Earth? Google Maps lets you leave reviews for pretty much anything you can search for — including whole continents and oceans.

Credit: Google Maps

The denizens of the internet never let a good opportunity go to waste, so they’ve left thousands of reviews for the Earth’s largest physical bodies. It’s all pretty tongue-in-cheek, but some of them are brutal.

North America:

There is also an unusually high amount of idiots here that you will not see anywhere else in the world…


The source of inspiration for most of Monty Python was a bit less inspiring.

Credit: Google Maps


South America is cheaper, has a larger screen and better quality speakers.

The Pacific Ocean:

Overall nice place but there’s too many sunken aircraft carriers…

The reviews are fun to peruse if you need a laugh. You’ll even find a handful of them which take the whole concept seriously. Sadly, I couldn’t find any reviews for Australia. Everyone go show the Land Down Under some love!

Update: Apparently some of these reviews don’t show up for everyone, as evidenced when my boss and I both searched for Antarctica. So if any of you have reviewed Australia (or Oceania, sorry), I apologize for not finding your reviews.

h/t Seth Rosenthal

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