Google confirms hardware issues as Pixel owners report buggy microphones

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Google might have a huge mess on its hands as numerous Pixel and Pixel XL owners are storming in the dedicated Support Forums to grumble about malfunctioning microphones.

The complaints point towards what appears to be a critical failure of one or more of the microphones crammed inside the handset. While some users report the issue is causing a total audio input block, others claim the microphone works fine with the camera app when recording video.

Following a long line of reported microphone-related defects in Pixel phones, Google rep Brian Rakowski chimed in on the discussion, confirming the issue appears to be hardware-related.

Rakowski further added the company is taking additional steps to make sure the glitch won’t persist in refurbished phones. “It’s possible that some replacement phones were not properly qualified before we understood this issue, but that’s no longer the case,” he said.

The Googler also noted that devices manufactured over the last two months are unlikely to experience the issue, which seems to be affecting less than one percent of handsets built last year.

The problem isn’t entirely new. Four months ago, Redditors cried out experiencing similar issues with their brand-new Pixel phones. Most were able to sort out the issue by getting replacements, but it appears the bug is now reoccurring.

While some users claim to have fixed the issue by applying heat with a hairdryer, your best bet would be to return the device to your retailer and get a replacement unit – unless you’re willing to risk voiding your warranty.

The bad part is that Google offers no guarantee your replacement unit will be immune to the issue.

We’ve contacted the Big G for comment and will update this piece accordingly when we hear back.

via Android Police 

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