Google spreads the love of the pangolin with new playable Valentine’s Day Doodle

google, doodle, valentine day
Credit: Google

This Valentine’s Day, Google wants to spread the love with a new playable Doodle that aims to raise awareness of the looming extinction of the pangolin.

For this reason, the search engine giant has turned its signature doodle into an interactive game that tells the tale of two long-distance pangolin soulmates whose undying love is now in your hands.

The animated game takes one of the pangolin lovers on a journey through Ghana, India and China to teach them how to best romance their partner. In the process, the scaly creature learns how to make a chocolate cake with love, how to craft a truly romantic melody, and how to dance to the rhythm of the heart.

The Doodle-game finishes once the pangolin has mastered and delivered all of these romantic gestures to its fellow soulmate.

While pangolins are better known as the only scaly mammals on Earth, they remain in dire danger of extinction as a result of detrimentally illegal practices like poaching and trafficking. When threatened, the scaly critters curl up into a tight ball of sharp-scaled tails that serve as protection.

Learn more about the pangolins at the dedicated World Wildlife Fund page.

In case you feel like dabbling in the history of Google Doodles, the Big G keeps a large archive of all the doodles it has previously displayed – check it out here. Or play this year’s doodle here; it works on mobile too!

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