You can now tweet emoji @Google to search stuff

Credit: Denis Linine/Shutterstock

Are you so much of a Twitter diehard that you can’t even bear to leave the site to perform a Google search? Do you speak in emoji? Then Google has some news for you: you can now tweet emoji directly to @Google and get search results.

Say you want to eat sushi. Just tweet Sushi @Google and you’ll be provided with a result. Want Pizza? How about a burger? If there’s an emoji for it, Google can help you out.


You can also tweet non-food emoji for suggestions on things to do or places to visit, and there are a few Easter eggs hidden too (try tweeting a cow. Just do it).

It’s not exactly a revolutionary feature, and I imagine just searching the Web would be more helpful, but hey, it’s there for those times you’re feeling particularly lazy. You’re welcome.

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