Google thinks ‘The Little Book of Big Penis’ is a suitable read for 8-year-olds

Google thinks ‘The Little Book of Big Penis’ is a suitable read for 8-year-olds

Google might’ve just turned 18 yesterday, but it seems it still has a lot of growing up to do when it comes to educating the youth.

Numerous Redditors were shocked to find out that searching ‘illustrated books for 8 year olds’ on Google breeds some… interesting suggestions.

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According to the popular search engine, ‘Everybody Masturbates’ and ‘The Little Book of Big Penis’ are both suitable reads for your 8-year-old children.


Some users have already brushed off the inappropriate search results, blaming the suggestions on past searches, but several Redditors have reported being able to replicate the outcome in incognito mode, which means Google might be to blame for the mess after all.

We’re not entirely ruling out the possibility the suggestions are indeed somehow based on past searches. Still, it’s absolutely unacceptable such books even make it to the top of the page given the specifics of the search criteria in question.

While it’s ultimately up to parents to make sure their children aren’t consuming content with inappropriate subject matter, millions of kids use the internet every day and Google should be more careful with its suggestions.

We’ve contacted Google for further commentary and will update the this piece accordingly.

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