Google is teasing Cardboard news in a few days

Google is teasing Cardboard news in a few days

Google’s October 4 event is shaping up to be a veritable marathon of announcements: Two new Pixel phones, a new laptop and OS, new Chromecasts, Google Home, a new router and maybe a new tablet too. But there’s at least one bit of news that might be coming before that date: an update to Google Cardboard.

The company today tweeted this out from its UK account:
It’s extremely cryptic, so who knows what’s coming – especially so soon before the company’s big event.

That said, it’s somewhat odd that Google would tweet it out of its UK account only, and having a date range rather than a single announcement date makes me think it might be an event specific to the UK.

Of course, most of us are waiting for news on the new Google Daydream VR platform, which we’ve heard almost nothing about since its announcement at Google I/O in May, but at least it seems Google isn’t completely abandoning Cardboard once its more powerful immersive platform arrives.

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Google UK on Twitter

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