Hangouts adds a ton of Easter egg emoticons and an in-app browser

Hangouts adds a ton of Easter egg emoticons and an in-app browser

The last update to Hangouts on Android added arguably the greatest emoticon of them all:

¯\_(ツ)_/¯, also known as the shruggie.

That was literally the only real update in Hangouts v12. But as spotted by Android Police, Hangouts v13 adds a whole slew of new emoticon Easter eggs.

Here’s the full list of new commands:

  • /algebraic
  • /dealwithit
  • /disapprove
  • /facepalm
  • /flowerbeam
  • /happy
  • /lgtm
  • /lit
  • /octodisco
  • /puppyparty
  • /shame
  • /shrug
  • /success
  • /sunglasses
  • /tableback
  • /tableflip
  • /that
  • /this
  • /wizard
  • /yuno

Go have fun and test them all out, or just head to the source link below if you have better things to do with your time. They work on the Web too, by the way.

On the more boring side, there’s also a new in-app browser option showing up for some users in settings. It appears to be a server side switch though, so you might not see it just yet.

Hangouts v13 is rolling out now, but you can also download the APK if you’re feeling impatient.

Hangouts v13 adds many more easter egg phrases, an in-app web browser, and prepares launcher shortcuts for Android 7.1 on Android Police

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