Google Play will soon let you join beta programs to test Android apps

Google Play will soon let you join beta programs to test Android apps
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Developers know how important it is to test their apps with as many people as possible before releasing it to the public. This is especially true for Android software, as the platform supports such a vast range of devices and versions at any given time.

The current process of inviting users to join beta programs is rather cumbersome, but thankfully, Google Play is getting an update that will make it easier for potential testers to begin trying apps.

Android Police reports that the upcoming version of Google Play allows people to join or leave betas right from the app listing page. It’ll also let you leave feedback, which the developer will be able to see but won’t be published in the app review section.

Google will bring these features for apps that are already available in the store and are testing new versions in beta, as well as for apps that haven’t been publicly released before.

The site adds that there still seem to be some bugs in the system, but it’s likely that Google will fix them before updating its store with this functionality.

That should make it easier for developers to test their apps and new features, and the reduced friction means that testers won’t have to wait for hours before they can try them.

We’ve contacted Google to learn when these features will officially roll out and will update this post if there’s a response. If you’d like to try them for yourself right now, you can grab the installer from APK Mirror.

Play Store v6.7 Is Rolling Out With Ability To Join/Leave Betas, Developer Feedback For Betas, And More on Android Police

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