Gmail’s Mic Drop tool is the April Fools joke we wish was real [Update: It is!]

Gmail’s Mic Drop tool is the April Fools joke we wish was real [Update: It is!]

We’ve finally hit that day on the Internet where nothing is real and everything is terrible, but sometimes some cool pranks come along that we wish existed in real life.

Take Gmail’s ‘Mic Drop’ — a new tool to let you respond to an email and never hear a reply ever again. It’ll even attach a GIF to “set expectations” for your recipients.

Gmail Mic Drop_Receive

Yes, I’ll wait for you to stop saying you want this to exist already.

Let’s face it, we all get stuck in email threads that last way too long, or the dreaded Reply All situation. Unlike chat apps, you can’t excuse yourself out of an email, so Gmail should consider making this feature real already.

Stay tuned for more April Fools’ jokes in the next 24 hours. It’s gonna be a doozy.

Update: The new Send button (in orange) is now available in Gmail. However, you’ll want to be careful using it, as this tweet illustrates:

One user even said he allegedly lost his job over accidentally pushing the button on an important work email.


There’s also a bug that sends the GIF with your message:

So yeah, Gmail’s new Mic Drop button is fun, but use it with the utmost caution.

Update 2: Google has removed the Mic Drop button, probably because it caused more trouble than the joke was worth.

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