Google just totally revamped weather forecasts on Android

Google just totally revamped weather forecasts on Android

If you’re on an Android phone, you’ve probably used Google Now to check the weather. So far it’s been a pretty barebones experience, simply providing a few basic details within a basic card interface. But as of today, Google has totally revamped the experience.

Now if you search for the weather or ask Google Now about the forecast, a new colorful weather card will show you a quick preview of what to expect – a cloudy landscape for a cloudy day ahead of you.

weather_flow_360 (1)

Meanwhile, the cards now provide a ton of new information, including hourly sky conditions, chance of precipitation, a 10 day forecast, air quality, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, and a ton of other details.

It’s basically a full-fledged weather app right inside of Google Now. That’s not to say the information is totally new, however; you could previously simply click on the weather card to load up more information in your Web browser.

Still, being able to access all that data from a Google Now card is much more convenient, though some people would likely prefer to have all these new features living in a standalone app.

The update is rolling out to Android users today (no word on iOS support yet). It also appears to be rolling out server-side rather than through an an app update, so it may take a little while until you can access the new features.

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