Redesigned Google+ focuses on its Collections and Communities features

Redesigned Google+ focuses on its Collections and Communities features

Google’s often maligned social service, Google+, has a new look focussed on two key areas of interest for users: Collections and Communities.

With a focus on interests, Google says the new Plus is also much easier to use. It’s also recursive across the desktop mobile devices, keeping a familiar aesthetic no matter where you view Plus.

The change is more of a refinement, and Google says it’ll continue to iterate as it receives feedback.

Earlier this year at Google I/O, a breakout session dedicated to Google Photos led Plus chief Bradley Horowitz to hint at what we’re seeing, telling the crowd Plus would focus on bringing users together around common interests.

This seems to be the realization of that effort.

The new-look Google+ is currently opt-in, and Google has a dedicated page for those who’d like to give it a shot.

Introducing the new Google+ [Google]

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