Here’s why Google+ and Google Photos are now separate services

Here’s why Google+ and Google Photos are now separate services

During today’s keynote at I/O, Google had a lot to say about how their new Photos service works.

At a separate event after the keynote, Google made it clear Photos doesn’t belong to Plus.

Part of a “renaissance in thinking of what Plus is and for”, Google Vice President of Products Bradley Horowitz was quick to quell buzz regarding why Plus and Photos are no longer joined at the hip. Horowitz went on to point out Google Plus now has a new focus.

Rather than be an over-the-top service that tries to be everything to you, Plus is now positioned as a place where users can connect. Horowitz says Plus now a service which “connects people around shared interest and passions”. He also says Google Plus communities have over one million joins a day.

The plan for Google Plus moving forward is to “double-down” on connecting people around their common interests. While you can still find Photos in Plus, it’s no longer core to the service.

While this shift may leave some wondering if Plus is slowly being dismantled, Horowitz says it will receive the “same level of product diligence” as other services he oversees.

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