Google’s new Classroom app opens its doors on Android and iOS

Google’s new Classroom app opens its doors on Android and iOS

Google Classroom launched last summer and has seen over 30 million assignments submitted through it since then. Until today though, it was an entirely web-based offering. Now, Google’s launched Classroom apps for iOS and Android.

The Classroom mobile app gives students the ability to snap photos and attach them. It also allows them to share images, PDFs and more from other apps to Classroom. Most handily, it adds offline caching so they can work on assignments without a data connection.

On the web-based version of Classroom, Google has added a new teacher assignments page giving them the ability to quickly access any individual assignment, check which ones they’ve reviewed and see which students have done their homework on time.

Google says students and teachers should also grab the Google Docs, Drive and Slides apps to get the most out of Classroom and promises more features for both the iOS and Android apps soon.

➤ A Classroom mobile app and new teacher goodies [Google for Education blog | iOS | Android]

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