Chinese developers can now launch paid Android apps via Google Play

14631487663_f344be87ae_k_Hall of Supreme Harmony_by_See Ming Lee (Creative Commons)

Google announced that it will now allow developers from China to release paid apps for Android users in over 130 countries via its Google Play store.

This gives Chinese devs a chance to share their apps with millions of Android users worldwide by either charging upfront or building in in-app purchases and subscriptions. In the past, displaying ads within their apps was the only way to get a financial return, as they were only allowed to release free apps to the public via Google’s store.

While this is great news for mobile developers in China, TechCrunch reports that it doesn’t yet allow them to release paid apps for the Chinese market via Google Play, owing to censorship issues in the country. Devs will have to resort to deploying their apps on third-party app stores to reach Chinese users until that works out.

Developers In China Can Now Make Money Via Google Play Apps (But Not In China) [TechCrunch]

Image credit: See-ming Lee

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