Google acquires iOS app prototyping startup RelativeWave

Google acquires iOS app prototyping startup RelativeWave

RelativeWave, the company behind Form which helps you build native prototypes of your app directly on mobile devices, has been acquired by Google.

In a note on the RelativeWave site today, the team announced they are joining Google to continue their work on Form, saying that “want to get Form in the hands of as many people as possible, and this is our first step in accomplishing that goal.”

Form allows designers and developers to create rich interactive app prototypes for iOS that run on device and have full access to the camera and other sensors. Form was only announced to the public in September.

As part of the acquisition, the team has made Form free on the Mac App Store. The team didn’t share how much their company has been acquired for.

If you purchased Form previously, the company says they’re happy to issue a refund to those that get in touch.

Joining Google [RelativeWave]


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