Google partners with ‘Russia’s Google’ Yandex in a reciprocal advertising deal

Google partners with ‘Russia’s Google’ Yandex in a reciprocal advertising deal

Yandex is typically known as ‘Russia’s Google’ but it has now teamed up with Google itself so their respective advertising clients will be able to access each other’s networks. The agreement is expected to “dramatically increase” advertising inventory available to the customers of both companies, Yandex says in a blog post.

Through its DoubleClick subsidiary, Google’s clients will have access to the advertising inventory offered by publishers in Yandex’s Advertising Network, while Yandex’s clients will be able to bid for ad displays in the global inventory of DoubleClick AdExchange partners. Both systems are powered by a real-time bidding technology, which helps to mediate ad marketing between buyers and sellers.

Yandex notes that the deal is aimed at giving their advertising clients more value when they carry out real-time bidding, which benefits from a larger number of bidders and sellers. This is because the more conditions taken into account by a system when matching ads to publishers, the more fine-tuned the ad targeting is and the better optimized the bids are.

Accessibility of Yandex’s inventories for Google’s advertising clients, and Google’s inventories for Yandex’s advertisers, supports the idea of and the principle behind real-time bidding – each auction participant has an equal chance to reach their goal.

The company also says that the deal is expected to give a “new kick” to competition and boost the quality of advertising space in the digital marketing world.

The current arrangement, however, only relates to display advertising and does not cover text-based contextual advertising. Yandex and Google are now at the technical stage of implementing this project, and it is expected to roll out to their clients soon.

Yandex has been inking partnerships with major tech firms including Facebook and Twitter — as it seeks to boost its search results with popular topics that are circulating on the social networks.

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