Google launches DoubleClick Studio Layouts, a tool for publishing rich media and HTML5 ads

Google launches DoubleClick Studio Layouts, a tool for publishing rich media and HTML5 ads

Google today announced the launch of DoubleClick Studio Layouts, a new production tool for building and publishing rich media and HTML5 ads. The release is available to everyone starting today, though the company promises to keep rolling out new formats and features for layouts “over the next six months.”

Google explains its reasoning for the launch:

Rich media’s continued growth is due in large part to its ability to help brands bring their stories to life online. But although rich media ads are recognized as a critical vehicle for digital advertising, the tools to produce these ads are still too complex and time-consuming. The insurgence of mobile advertising and HTML5 has only made the process even more complicated. In fact, ad production can consume up to 80% of a creative agency’s time, leaving only 20% for the strategic, innovative thinking.

In short, this is part of the company’s broader plan to ensure it can continue to generate revenue even on mobile. By offering multiple tools for advertisers, the hope is to prevent a startup from swooping in and stealing customers with a new intriguing ad format.

Google lists the following benefits of this new addition:

  • Efficiency: Build rich media and HTML5 ads faster
  • Reach: Get more mileage out of existing assets
  • Performance: Upgrade standard flash and image ads to rich media

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.11.47 PM

Existing DoubleClick Studio users should notice the new Layouts tab in the green navigation bar at the top. Clicking on it will take you to the Layouts Gallery with descriptions for how to begin using the tool. We’ll keep you posted as Google tweaks its new tool.

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