Google Q2 2013 misses expectations at revenues of $14.11B and EPS of $9.56

Google Q2 2013 misses expectations at revenues of $14.11B and EPS of $9.56

After its stock hit an all-time high earlier this week, Google announced its Q2 2013 earnings results, including unimpressive, but not terrible revenues of $14.11 billion and weak earnings per share (EPS) of $9.56*.

Analysts had predicted Google would bring in revenues north of $14 billion — around 14.42B — and EPS between $10.04 and $10.80. There was not a clear consensus, although expectations were largely positive.

Last quarter, Google reported revenues of $10.65 billion, profits of $2.89 billion, EPS of $10.08, and diluted earnings per share of $8.75. As for Q2 of 2012, Google’s revenues were $12.21 billion with an EPS of  $8.42; this means, year-over-year, Google saw growth.

In the company’s announcement, CEO Larry Page encouraged shareholders to keep faith in Google’s mobile strategy:

With more devices, more information, and more activity online than ever, the potential to improve people’s lives even more is immense.

With these results, many are left wondering if Google will indeed hit its rumored $1,000 share price. Today the company was slightly down at 914.08. In after hours trading, the company is down by almost 5%.

*Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly quoted Google’s GAAP EPS. It has been replaced with the Non-GAAP figure. 

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